Really Good Things!

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! On Thursdays I like to talk about the good things that have happened throughout the week. 
Today started out so bad that I thought I was going to have nothing to write, but then everything got better! To give you a visual, I was late to work and crying the whole way there..... Basically just wanted to skip it and go back home to snuggle my mother. See, today was the day that tickets for the Veronica Mars movie went on sale. Not just tickets to see it on opening night or anything, but advance screening tickets where you get to go the night before and you get a t-shirt and other fun stuff. I had been excited for DAYS to get these tickets, and as soon as I got the link to get them, they were sold out. 

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You know how Justin Bieber tickets sell out in seconds and thousands of preteens are depressed for weeks because their moms couldn't click fast enough? I NOW KNOW THEIR PAIN. I thought the world was pretty much over.

BUT I went to work and tried to cheer up and sell Valentines to slackers who haven't gotten their gifts yet, and thought I'd try the website again, just in case. (I'd read on Twitter on the way to work that a lot of people had issues.) And there were tickets. So I got two!

Everything improved from that moment on. So other good things are:
  • Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Yay chocolate! (If you need help with writing your Valentines, I've got some tips here!)
  • I randomly saw an old friend from Germany - we both live here now, but I hadn't seen him since middle school (maybe high school? It's hard to remember)
  • A week from today I will be with my BFF! 
  • And again.... Veronica Mars tickets. (We're even driving 2 hours to the nearest theater that's showing it.)
Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day, Marshmallows! 


Valentines and Love Letters

Lovely readers,

Since Valentine's Day is coming up (just 3 days away, people!) I thought everyone probably needed some tips on writing their Valentines and love letters! Now, I've never sent or received a traditional love letter, but I've gotten and sent plenty of letters with lots of love in them! 

For your Valentines:
It's my opinion that you can (and should!) give Valentines to anyone. It's not just a romantic holiday! 
You should be showing love to everyone you love! This year I sent Valentines to friends, family, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, and even some of my blogging BFFs! I didn't craft Valentines; I bought them from Hallmark. Some of them had the PERFECT message, but that doesn't mean you should just sign your name and send as is! 
Compliment them. Tell grandma why that card reminded you of her, tell your best friend why you miss her, tell your little why you love her!
Be true to your relationship! Don't be too serious if you don't want to be! Put a funny inside joke in there. If you do want to be serious, do!
Use their name. Remember learning about how people like to be called by name? Write that in there!
Making it personal is the most important part! Then the people you're sending cards to will know that you really care!
If you can't think of anything to say, try a quote! Pinterest is full of inspirational quotes, funny quotes, quotes about love and relationships. Try writing one of those in your card!

For your love letters:
Even if you've never written one of these before, it's never to early to start. A sweet text is nice, but a letter can be saved forever (yeah, I've heard of the cloud, but I'm pretty sure that's not the same) and read over and over again!
Start strong. "Dear Cat" will work, but how about "My dearest Cat" or "Love of my life"? Do you have a special nickname for your boo to use? Use it!
Tell him what you love/appreciate about him. Does he always do something for you even though it's not his favorite thing? Is he hilarious and can always improve your mood? Do you tell him these things out loud? Sometimes it's easier to write things down, so do it!
Tell her what you're looking forward to. It could be as simple as "I can't wait for our romantic dinner this weekend" or it could be as big as "I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you!" You're writing this letter now but you're thinking of your future with her.
And finish strong, too! "Love always," "All my love," or anything like that!

A man came up to my register and had about 5 Valentines. I asked if he needed anything more to go with them and he said, "Nope, I've got big plans for my cards!" He went on to tell me that he was going to give her one in the morning with flowers, one in her car for her way to work, one at work with more flowers, one at a romantic dinner.... Such a sweet thought to put cards in places she would find them and also to use multiple cards! (Some more ideas for you there :))

Don't forget: It's not what you write that matters, it's the thought that counts! The fact that you want to send a Valentine or write a love letter in the first place is a great step!



Weekly Wishes #23

Last week I talked about my goals for the month. I'm steadily working on all of them, so yay!

This week is VALENTINE'S WEEK! I don't love Valentine's Day or anything; in fact, I used to call it my least favorite holiday (okay, I used to "hate" it. It all started in 5th grade...... Just kidding, I won't tell you the saga!). This means that since I work at Hallmark, I am going to be busy busy busy there this week! I won't have much time for getting a lot of other things done, so......

My goals are to: Take myself to a movie. I'm my own Valentine and we want to see That Awkward Moment, so that's my plan for tomorrow when I'm off!
Get myself some yummy Valentine's chocolate to eat. I love me, sooo....
Work on a logo for my friend, and the tea program. Okay, this one is actually a goal (not that the other two aren't, but...). A friend wants me to make a logo for his YouTube show, so I'm going to try to do that for him. I also have been tasked with making the program for the tea, so I need to do that ASAP!

Happy Monday, and have a great Valentine's Day! Don't forget to link up with Melyssa!

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On Thursdays we talk about good things!

Happy Thursday! I have had a great Thursday so far! I'm currently snuggled up with a snoring puppy in the bed with me, listening to my Creative Collective playlist, and after this I will probably have some lunch!

On Thursdays, we talk about the good things that have happened this week! They can be simple or elaborate, paragraphed or bulleted, whatever you want!

You already know one of my (perpetual) good things: snuggling with my pup! Here are some more:
  • Last night at church we had a favor-making party for the tea! It was so much fun! We made little post-it holders to stick in your purse and they look great! Everyone's are different to go with their theme.
  • I SURVIVED MY DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT! It took forever and I thought I was probably going to waste away there, but I didn't! I had to go back the next morning to do the blood work, but after that I got to treat myself (okay, my mother treated) to donuts and brown sugar cinnamon coffee from Dunkin! 
  • I'm doing great with Letter Month! The goal is to send one letter/card/postcard each day in February, so I should have sent 5 so far (Sundays don't count, as there is no mail) and as of this morning, I have sent 19! (Most of them Valentines; I've mailed all my Valentines now!)
  • I had fun at the Super Bowl party I went to!
  • Breakfast for dinner! YUM
What are your good things? I wanna know, I wanna know! 

Have a sparkly weekend! 


New Playlist with Creative Collective!

Hello lovelies! What day is it? WHAT DAY IS IT! It's Hump Day! I still love that camel. Hold on while I go watch the commercial again.

Okay, I'm back. (Here's the link if you need to watch it to brighten your Wednesday, too!)

It's time for more #CreativeCollective!! Yay! This is where Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective has a creative linkup. She's doing it throughout the year. You can check out the first prompt here.

Today's prompt is: Create a playlist of new music.

I've been working on this one for a few days. Some stuff is new stuff I've been listening to lately. Some are from commercials (don't you find some great songs from commercials?!) A few are recommendations from a friend, and the rest I just sort of stumbled upon using Pandora and Spotify in combination. I plan to keep adding to it, because I've been enjoying listening to it! Pharrell's "Happy" was definitely running through my head yesterday at the doctor and it helped! (P.S. I made it through the appointment. Holla!)

I made my playlist on Spotify so you can check it out!

Tell me what you think, or even recommend a song for me! Do you like any of these?

And make sure to check out what everyone else is listening to! I can't wait to add more new songs when I see what other people chose!

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Weekly Wishes #22

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I did, but more importantly, I ate Super Bowl food. Guacamole and wings and nachos and beer..... Could life be better? Sheesh.

For the first Monday of the month, Melyssa does goals for the month rather than goals for the week, so I think I can handle that!

First we can talk about last week and my tea goals - I did not scour Pinterest quite yet, but I have chosen a theme for my table! I just need to work on my centerpiece and favors now. My mother says I can use her wedding china for my table settings! The "Art" sub-theme is going to be Botticelli! He painted my favorite painting and I've written papers about him and his artwork... So it's a no-brainer, really. I'm going to play off of the Birth of Venus painting (my favorite) and do seashells and flowers and such! Not locked down on a centerpiece but it'll get there!

So, goals for the month!

Get all the tea stuff bought/found/put together and set up for the tea. The tea is March 1! So I will be working on my table all this month and setting up at the end of February.
Get all my medical tasks completed. I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow, which I'm dreading.. But it has to be done! Then I need to do dentist and eye doctor. Picking out a new pair of glasses should be fun!! I want to finish all preliminary appointments this month, just in case I need any follow-up work, like cavities filled, etc.
Write and mail a letter every day! I am doing this Letter Month challenge where I have committed to writing and mailing a letter every day during the month of February. So far I'm 2 for 2 (Sundays don't count)! It's fun because you get to track the number of things you mail and you get badges and stuff. I'm liking it!
Do some more exercising! I go to yoga once a week but I want to do more than that! So I'm going to try to add a day or two of Just Dance :)

Happy Monday, and have an awesome week! Don't forget to link up with Melyssa!

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