Weekly Wishes #28

You guys, I have so much energy right now that I don't even know if I can focus on a whole blog post because I just want to get up and dance. I know you want to be in my house right now.

You want to know what I'm obsessed with right now? NEON TREES. More specifically, Sleeping With a Friend. Not that I'm doing this, FYI, but I'm just saying, if I were, this is obviously the song that would describe my life. It's so great and the video is so weird so you're gonna need to check it out. It makes me want to dance and I obviously need every outfit from the video. (Well, almost every outfit.)

I'm also currently obsessed with Just Dance, which admittedly is nothing new, but I did just buy Just Dance 4, so I have been playing that nonstop, and it's literally what I am going to do after I hit publish on this post here.

My goals, therefore, are to play more Just Dance. Is that cheating, because I really really want to do it? Guess who doesn't care? THIS GIRL. Can you tell I've had a lot of coffee today? Jeez Louise.
Also to journal some more.
Figure out how to get on my Moldova website that apparently has a packing list, because I for sure need that!
Walk with Lilo! Gosh, she loves it so much that I am basically a terrible person when I DON'T walk her.
CRAFT! Taking a note from Jess because I have some crafting to do! Maybe not today because of all this energy I currently have, but I know I've got a jewelry project to do! Last week (I think it was last week?) I made this great lotion and scrub from Whimseybox, and also this cute little needlefelted turnip guy. I love DIY so I just need to get off my booty and dooooo itttttt.

Here's my (unsolicited) advice for the week: If you're having fun, HAVE IT. I mean, if you're not being completely obnoxious to everyone around you, don't let old ladies glaring prevent you from enjoying your day. I went to a handbell festival this weekend. I am not a music major. I am not in a symphony. So if I'm getting notes wrong or missing them, it doesn't really stress me out. So I was (quietly) giggling/having fun with one of the people that came with me, and people did NOT appreciate it. Like, woahhhh, don't take yourself too seriously, lady!
If that didn't make sense, it's because of all the caffeine I've had, but basically just don't take stuff so seriously that you can't enjoy yourself, because hello! Who doesn't want to be enjoying themselves?!

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  1. Amanda @ Small Town MamaApril 8, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    Hello from the linkup! I am hoping to gets on some walks this week too! I think our weather is FINALLY going to be nice :-). I am way way behind on all my crafting as well but I have plenty of project ideas and supplies (does that count?). Good luck on you wishes this week and post some pics of your projects!

  2. Hahaha....wow! I wish I felt that good right now! Maybe I should go get some coffee too!!! Can't wait to hear more about your Moldova plans!! Won't be long now! And don't you let those old ladies get your down! haha I've probably asked you this already, but how long will you be gone (to Moldova)? What a fun word! xoxo