Hello all!

I've been blogging over at Wining & Whining, if you want to keep updated on my life in Moldova - I've been here for just over a week now!

Come visit me over there!


Weekly Wishes #29

It's been a while since my last post, and this might be my last one for a while, too! I'm not sure what my blogging life in Moldova will be, but I leave in one week.



I'm obviously freaking out, so my Weekly Wishes are to get everything done so I can get outta here! What I mean is.. I don't want to leave, but I am also excited to go, so I need to get everything finished. Turns out it's harder than you'd think to prepare to move to another country by yourself for 2 years. I have a huge list of stuff to do. No, seriously. It's huge. It's like I've barely started getting ready or something!

Now, if you'll miss me (which you obviously will, right?!), never fear! I'm starting a new blog so everyone I know doesn't have to come here and read this one. It's not that I've said anything I don't want friends and family to read, it's just that I want to keep this page to myself.

So the new blog for you to follow if you choose is Wining and Whining (both of which I do a lot!) and it will tell you all about my adventures in Moldova.

I hope you will join me there, and if not.. I've really loved getting to know everyone with Cat On The Wall and I hope to keep in touch with you guys! Maybe I'll even link up with Melyssa once in a while :)


Where am I?

Yeah, I know. I've been quite absent. You know how I'm going to far-off country Moldova for 2 years? Well, I leave one month from today. I got off the phone making my travel arrangements a while ago.

And when I started this blog, I thought, well this is going to be what I tell my friends and family to read so they can keep up with me while I'm gone. But then I made blogging friends and got caught up in the blogging world.... and now I'm having anxiety about sharing this, because I can just tell you that my mother WILL go back through and read all 68 posts I've already written.

Sooooo.... Great! I don't really want to start over with a new blog, because I like this one, and if you want to keep up with me, I want you to be able to! Anyone have any advice about sharing your blog with real life people? I know a lot of us don't exactly do that.

Tell me your thoughts!

But seriously. I really wanna know what you think.

[UPDATE: I'm currently serving in Moldova and blogging at Wining & Whining if you'd like to read about my experiences.]


Weekly Wishes #28

You guys, I have so much energy right now that I don't even know if I can focus on a whole blog post because I just want to get up and dance. I know you want to be in my house right now.

You want to know what I'm obsessed with right now? NEON TREES. More specifically, Sleeping With a Friend. Not that I'm doing this, FYI, but I'm just saying, if I were, this is obviously the song that would describe my life. It's so great and the video is so weird so you're gonna need to check it out. It makes me want to dance and I obviously need every outfit from the video. (Well, almost every outfit.)

I'm also currently obsessed with Just Dance, which admittedly is nothing new, but I did just buy Just Dance 4, so I have been playing that nonstop, and it's literally what I am going to do after I hit publish on this post here.

My goals, therefore, are to play more Just Dance. Is that cheating, because I really really want to do it? Guess who doesn't care? THIS GIRL. Can you tell I've had a lot of coffee today? Jeez Louise.
Also to journal some more.
Figure out how to get on my Moldova website that apparently has a packing list, because I for sure need that!
Walk with Lilo! Gosh, she loves it so much that I am basically a terrible person when I DON'T walk her.
CRAFT! Taking a note from Jess because I have some crafting to do! Maybe not today because of all this energy I currently have, but I know I've got a jewelry project to do! Last week (I think it was last week?) I made this great lotion and scrub from Whimseybox, and also this cute little needlefelted turnip guy. I love DIY so I just need to get off my booty and dooooo itttttt.

Here's my (unsolicited) advice for the week: If you're having fun, HAVE IT. I mean, if you're not being completely obnoxious to everyone around you, don't let old ladies glaring prevent you from enjoying your day. I went to a handbell festival this weekend. I am not a music major. I am not in a symphony. So if I'm getting notes wrong or missing them, it doesn't really stress me out. So I was (quietly) giggling/having fun with one of the people that came with me, and people did NOT appreciate it. Like, woahhhh, don't take yourself too seriously, lady!
If that didn't make sense, it's because of all the caffeine I've had, but basically just don't take stuff so seriously that you can't enjoy yourself, because hello! Who doesn't want to be enjoying themselves?!

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Weekly Wishes #27

Making goals for the week is a lot less daunting than making goals for a whole month. I don't think I would think that if I weren't leaving in 2 months, but since I am, I do! It's easy to say, I want to finish my book this week. It's harder to say that I need to pack my life up in two suitcases so I can get on a plane.... Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I won't have that goal until at least next month. Oh, jeez. Haha, I can't even process it so I'm just not going to!

Guess I should see how I did last month. My big goal was to clean and organize... I did make a little dent in this. I was planning to organize my room a bit today but I am feeling kind of sick so instead I am in bed with the dog, planning to read my book after this post. Just need to keep at it! This goal is moving through to April.
I also wanted to plan a trip to Wisconsin. I booked my ticket, so I'll be going there later this month!

This month I want to work on financial stuff. I have reimbursement forms to send in to the Peace Corps for my medical stuff, I have to do my taxes for the first time ever, and I have to figure out the best way to defer my student loans while I'm gone. So this is going to be sooooo fun.
Figure out a packing list - and get started. I am supposed to be getting info soon for a website that has a packing list on it, so I need to check that out and see what I don't yet have.
Have a fun time in Wisconsin! Those other two don't sound fun, so I thought I'd add this easy one. :)

What are you doing this month? Don't forget to link up!

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Peace Corps Tasks

I think it's time for an update on my Peace Corps stuff! Mostly because for once, there is something to update about.

This week I finished all of my medical tasks! I went to the dentist twice in one week but that was the last thing I needed to do! Which was great because everything is due this upcoming week.... Because this upcoming week marks two months until I leave. WHAT?! I can't even process that. They sent me an email saying thanks for turning in all my stuff and it was the greatest. Now we just have to hope that everything is in good shape for me to be medically cleared.

I also finally found the Facebook group for my Moldova group! I have been talking to another girl who will be going to Moldova with me (on FB; we haven't met... kind of like how I haven't met any of you!) and we have been wondering for ages where our group is. Someone told us months ago that the current volunteers would be making one, but we hadn't found it until this week!

So now I've got another questionnaire to fill out that will match me with a mentor! Is it wrong that I immediately thought, omg I get a Moldova big!? There's the sorority girl in me, so if it's wrong, I don't want to be right!

Everything keeps getting more and more real! Eeeeeep!

[UPDATE: I'm currently serving in Moldova and blogging at Wining & Whining if you'd like to read about my experiences.]


Weekly Wishes #26

Happy Monday! Anyone else think it's going to be the start of a great week?!

Last time I did Weekly Wishes, my goal was to have a fun week by accomplishing these things!
Make Veronica Mars t-shirts. Check. P.S. - greatest movie ever. They added more theaters so you should check it out!
Finish binge-watching the show. Almost check. We had to do some recap in the car on the way to DC, but we will eventually finish.
Make O-balls for the pot luck! Check! They were a hit, of course.
Do some more journaling. Oh, oops. I must have forgotten about this one.

This week I've got some highs and lows (did you ever do that in youth group or anything, where you talked about the good things and the not-so-good?)... Lows being that I have to go to the dentist TWICE and highs being that an old friend is coming to visit with her baby, who has yet to meet his Aunt Cat! I'm so excited to see her and him!

Get ready for my friend's arrival. I may have to do some cleaning... So that's what I'm doing after I post this!
Make a start to my MapMyRun goals. I made two - one for distance and one for number of workouts! I want to stay motivated in my Just Dance kick, and I want Lilo to get more walks!
Finish a book. I pre-ordered the new Veronica Mars book (yeah, I'm obsessed) but I've been really getting into my current book, so I want to try to finish it so I can focus on Veronica! I also want to get a little further into this book I'm reading about personal finance. It's super interesting and helpful, but not exactly a thriller.
Post-dentist, get all my paperwork in. Once I go this week, I am D-O-N-E with my medical stuff! All of it! (Assuming there aren't issues and whatnot) So I just need to upload it all and I will be carefree! (You know, sort of.)

Lately I'm not as present on the blog as I have been, but I am always Instagramming! So if you ever miss me, just check that out and it will be like we're hanging out again! :)

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