Find Beauty Friday!

Welcome to Find Beauty Friday, a linkup that I am thrilled to be co-hosting with Aimee at Dear Harper!

My photo for this week is this gorgeous altar arrangement that was at my church recently - it technically was not taken this week, but it wasn't from too long ago! I've been saving it for today's post. I love all the gourds and feathers and stuff mixed in with the flowers! I just can't get over how great I think this is. I was mesmerized.

One of my favorite things about blogging is that I get to interact with all sorts of great people, and Aimee is no exception. I've loved getting to know her and I love her Find Beauty Friday, which is why I was so excited when she asked me to co-host! (The only reason I didn't ask her was because I didn't exactly know what co-hosting meant, hehe)

Find Beauty Friday is a linkup Aimee created where we post a picture we took during the week that we find beautiful - it can be anything at all! You know how we all have different ideas of beauty? That's the BEAUTY of this! (Seriously. Last week my picture was a cooked turkey. Not kidding!)

So join us and linkup your blog posts or Instagram photos below, and/or hashtag #findbeautyfriday so we can all look at all the beautiful things!

Also, if you think my blog is pretty/beautiful/awesome, the lovely Aimee designed all of that too! Jeez, she's a superstar. 

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Thanks for co-hosting, Cat! I love this photo! (And just for the record, I loved the photo of the turkey too!!)