Good Things!

If you missed last week, Good Things is where we talk about the good things that have happened this week! I used to do it at my sorority meetings and I miss it, so I thought I'd start doing it here! 

This week, my good things are: 
  • I took myself on a date to see The Best Man Holiday and then went to Starbucks! It was a good movie but I definitely cried next to a stranger. A lot.
  • I put up more Christmas lights - my house looks so pretty! (The outside, anyway.)
  • It was my sweet little puppy's 5th birthday, so I tried to make it super fun for her!
  • THIS.
  • Tonight I'm going out to eat with my friends (it's wing night!) and my mother returns from Wisconsin!
  • Yesterday I FINALLY finished the last book in a trilogy I've been working on for about 3 months. (No matter how much I love reading, trilogies exhaust me and it's really hard to finish once I get to the third.) Now I can read the new books I checked out from the library!

Please join me in Good Things - in the comments or by tweeting your good things @onthewallcat! Or just hashtag #goodthings so I'll be able to get excited for you, too!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. This is such a fun idea!! I'm so obsessed with your blog right now!! Have a fun wing night! Our wing night is Tuesdays and it's the definitely the most delicious night of the week!

  2. Ahh, oh my gosh, you are too sweet! I had a GREAT wing night, most delicious for sure! I'm checking out your blog RIGHT NOW and the first thing I see is your precious dog in that adorable sweater - hooked already.