Weekly Wishes #14

This Weekly Wishes post will be a place for me to share my goals for the week. Hopefully blogging about them will help them to actually happen!

My "Hobbies" photo was featured in Melyssa's post today! So fun! I love everyone else's hobby shots, too! 
This week's photo theme is "Memories." Since today is my little Lilo's 5th birthday, I picked a picture from when we got her! She was so little! I also put it next to a current photo so you can see the difference. 

Last week I wanted to: Plan some gifts. I not only did this, but I did the shopping for it! I'm going to personalize some glasses with that frosted glass spray, so I got the glasses and the spray! I also may have gotten chalkboard spray paint. It was an impulse buy! Don't judge! Hehe.
Clean, so I can Put up more Christmas decorations. I didn't put up more, but I did some planning of where things will go, and my dad did hang up another extension cord outside so we can. I've been working late and it gets dark too early! Maybe this week will be the week. 

This week I want to: Do some crafting! Today I started on my Whimseybox craft from last month's box, and it is so much fun to sew and make something! So I want to do more. Maybe I will work on the gifts I got supplies for! Who knows. 
Work on my Christmas cards. I'm really itching to open all my boxes of cards and start writing to people. If you want a Christmas card from me, SERIOUSLY, anyone - faithful reader or first timer on the wall, put your address here. It's my online address book, so only I will see your addresses! 
Do some blogging! I hope to put up a crafting post or two, and be sure to stop by on Thursday for Good Things! I'm really excited about doing Good Things from now on! I hope you all will join me.

Wish me luck on my goals this week, and I hope you accomplish yours too! Don't forget to link up to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective to share with everyone else!

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  1. Crafting is my most favorite thing ever! Way to go on getting your holiday stuff figured out now...hope you're able to get some cool stuff done! And hey...sometimes impulse buys turn out to be totally worth it :)

  2. Your goals make me SO giddy for Christmas!! I'm doing quite a bit of crafting this week myself! It's a great stress reliever and it really brings a sense of accomplishment! Also, those 2 pictures of your doggy are ADORABLE! I have a 9 month old puppy and when I look back at photos from when I first got him I get teary eyed because he was just so tiny! Good luck with your wishes girl, have a fabulous week!

  3. Hahaha I talk to her like that too! Thank you :)

  4. Yes! I don't know what I could possibly need chalkboard paint for yet, but I will figure something out! Have you ever used it for anything?

  5. Eeek, I'm giddy for Christmas too! Yay! (Thanks for your address by the way! :)) You are so right about the crafting. I started some today and I am so excited to see how the project turns out! I feel like we both feel that our dogs are basically our children so I totally understand the teary eyes, haha. They're so great!

  6. Your dog looks like such a sweetie. I like to spend a few weeks thinking about where I'll put Christmas decorations, too. Then, the weekend after Thanksgiving, everything goes up and in its place.