Peace Corps Tasks

I think it's time for an update on my Peace Corps stuff! Mostly because for once, there is something to update about.

This week I finished all of my medical tasks! I went to the dentist twice in one week but that was the last thing I needed to do! Which was great because everything is due this upcoming week.... Because this upcoming week marks two months until I leave. WHAT?! I can't even process that. They sent me an email saying thanks for turning in all my stuff and it was the greatest. Now we just have to hope that everything is in good shape for me to be medically cleared.

I also finally found the Facebook group for my Moldova group! I have been talking to another girl who will be going to Moldova with me (on FB; we haven't met... kind of like how I haven't met any of you!) and we have been wondering for ages where our group is. Someone told us months ago that the current volunteers would be making one, but we hadn't found it until this week!

So now I've got another questionnaire to fill out that will match me with a mentor! Is it wrong that I immediately thought, omg I get a Moldova big!? There's the sorority girl in me, so if it's wrong, I don't want to be right!

Everything keeps getting more and more real! Eeeeeep!

[UPDATE: I'm currently serving in Moldova and blogging at Wining & Whining if you'd like to read about my experiences.]

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