Weekly Wishes #26

Happy Monday! Anyone else think it's going to be the start of a great week?!

Last time I did Weekly Wishes, my goal was to have a fun week by accomplishing these things!
Make Veronica Mars t-shirts. Check. P.S. - greatest movie ever. They added more theaters so you should check it out!
Finish binge-watching the show. Almost check. We had to do some recap in the car on the way to DC, but we will eventually finish.
Make O-balls for the pot luck! Check! They were a hit, of course.
Do some more journaling. Oh, oops. I must have forgotten about this one.

This week I've got some highs and lows (did you ever do that in youth group or anything, where you talked about the good things and the not-so-good?)... Lows being that I have to go to the dentist TWICE and highs being that an old friend is coming to visit with her baby, who has yet to meet his Aunt Cat! I'm so excited to see her and him!

Get ready for my friend's arrival. I may have to do some cleaning... So that's what I'm doing after I post this!
Make a start to my MapMyRun goals. I made two - one for distance and one for number of workouts! I want to stay motivated in my Just Dance kick, and I want Lilo to get more walks!
Finish a book. I pre-ordered the new Veronica Mars book (yeah, I'm obsessed) but I've been really getting into my current book, so I want to try to finish it so I can focus on Veronica! I also want to get a little further into this book I'm reading about personal finance. It's super interesting and helpful, but not exactly a thriller.
Post-dentist, get all my paperwork in. Once I go this week, I am D-O-N-E with my medical stuff! All of it! (Assuming there aren't issues and whatnot) So I just need to upload it all and I will be carefree! (You know, sort of.)

Lately I'm not as present on the blog as I have been, but I am always Instagramming! So if you ever miss me, just check that out and it will be like we're hanging out again! :)

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  1. Cleaning before a friends arrival puts so much pressure on me for some reason!haha. Have fun with your friend and by the way, love the layout!

  2. I hate cleaning, especially when people are coming over. It's too stressful! But rewarding when everything is clean of course!

  3. Sounds like an exciting week! Good luck!

  4. Great goals. Have fun with your visit. :)

  5. Thanks so much! Aimee (Click Pray Create) did it :) And I had fun cleaning AND with my friend, so yay!

  6. I actually like it for some reason... Though that does NOT mean I have everything clean all the time. It's like I go through cleaning phases! Haha