A Day to Myself

Wednesday, the whole family took a trip up to Maryland: mom, dad, dog, sister.. Everyone except for me! And it was glorious.

I woke up earlier than I usually do because I didn't want to waste the day to myself! I had my iced coffee and Dunkin' Donuts while I relaxed with some music and read some good blogs. Okay, maybe I danced around the house in my pajamas, too.. That's an important part of having the house to yourself.

Then I wrote a letter to my grandma, and made some lunch, and kept relaxing..

Maybe did some more solo dancing.

Judge me! Just kidding, I know you all do it too.

After lunch I needed dessert, so I did some more work on my pint of Ben and Jerry's.. I don't know why it's so difficult for me to finish this Red Velvet! This was the third time I'd had some, and some flavors I can dominate. Red Velvet is proving to be more of a challenge, because I still haven't finished it. Although that could be a good thing, I suppose!

I also did some reading. I am a library fanatic and try to read some every day. Sometimes it ends up being at night before bed so I only get to read a few pages, but other times, like Wednesday, I have time to sit down and read a lot. Currently I'm reading Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler with art by Maira Kalman. I like the artwork in it so that's what's keeping me reading it right now; I want to get to the next section so I can see the next illustration. Although pairing it with the Ben and Jerry's does paint a sad picture, in truth I am enjoying it, not thinking of any breakups that aren't in the book.

All in all, it was a fantastic day that I got to spend in whatever way I wanted to.

I highly recommend having a "me day" once in a while to do what you want to do! Eat ice cream and dance around in your underwear (wait, did I say pajamas before?). Do a spa treatment or two! I didn't do this but I like to at times I know I won't be bothered. My favorite thing is a cucumber peel-off mask that you can get at CVS (though link is to Amazon). I think they have more scents/varieties like pomegranate and other fruits that I would also love to try. Spend some time reading or doing artwork or crafts, and maybe write a letter to someone you know would love to hear from you!

Let me know what you do on your "me day!" 


  1. As a mom, I don't often get days to myself but when I do, I love to eat something I wouldn't want to share and hunker down with a good book or paint my nails. :)
    Oh and that B&J's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream looks amazing!

    1. I love those ideas! It's always fun to paint nails because then you can take a break from doing things while you wait for them to dry.
      Get some of the Red Velvet for the next time you don't want to share! :)