Tiered Cake Tuesday!

As I mentioned yesterday, I made these really cute cakes on Sunday so I wanted to share! I don't really want to share the cakes themselves, but.. The way I did them!

Years ago I saw these cake tins online that would bake mini tiered (okay, mini wedding, and yeah, maybe it was on Pinterest) cakes and I immediately wanted them, but could never find them anywhere. I had mentioned this to the youth leader at my church and she always looked for them for me, but never found them either. When I graduated from college and came back home, she said she had a present for me - the cake tin! She had found it somewhere and she got it for me!

So all summer I've wanted to make them and all summer I've been lazy.. Sunday was the day!

Pretty much the most important part is the cute apron part. Mine is Vera Bradley and I want to wear it any chance I get. I looooovvvvve aprons. They are my guilty pleasure. I really don't have that many, I swear. Three tops. But I love them so much. Though I sometimes question the functionality of half aprons, they are still too cute to not buy.
I used a box.. Sue me. 
I think we all know how to make a cake from a box.. It's pretty simple. So just enjoy the pictures for a minute while I go get another piece of this cake to eat. Wait, don't want to ruin my dinner... Might be worth it, though.

Now we sit in our pretty apron and watch Veronica Mars on DVD while we wait for the cakes to be finished! (If you haven't watched Veronica Mars yet, you need to get to work on that. You know about the movie, right?!)

Another note: I got this Duncan Hines Frosting Creations to use for the frosting, and Mint Chocolate flavor to mix into the can. This Frosting Creations thing sounds like a really great idea to me. You get a flavor packet and mix it in so you have whatever flavor frosting you want! How great is that? I need to make more cakes now so I can try different flavors. Chocolate Marshmallow may have to be next (I'm also s'mores-obsessed).  

My only regret about this cake is assuming that marble would be a good idea. While tasty, the shape of the pans really didn't allow for much mixing of the chocolate, so pretty much all the "marble" is in the center of the cakes. Again, though, still tasty, so I consider it a success. 

You probably won't be surprised to know that Mint Chocolate frosting makes the cake go SO well with mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

And there you have it! So far I'm doing great with my Weekly Wish to eat this cake.. Day 2 and going strong, really.

I checked lots of blogs to try to find out the timing and temperature and everything for this pan, and I couldn't really find anything specific enough so if you're trying to make these cakes, feel free to ask me for more details before you put anything in the oven!

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  1. YUM!!!! That looks delicious!!! What a good job documenting everything!!! And CUTE apron! I have one my stepmom gave me, but I haven't been able to bake in a while. Guess I need to make time for that!! Now Im hungry!