Really Good Things!

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! On Thursdays I like to talk about the good things that have happened throughout the week. 
Today started out so bad that I thought I was going to have nothing to write, but then everything got better! To give you a visual, I was late to work and crying the whole way there..... Basically just wanted to skip it and go back home to snuggle my mother. See, today was the day that tickets for the Veronica Mars movie went on sale. Not just tickets to see it on opening night or anything, but advance screening tickets where you get to go the night before and you get a t-shirt and other fun stuff. I had been excited for DAYS to get these tickets, and as soon as I got the link to get them, they were sold out. 

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You know how Justin Bieber tickets sell out in seconds and thousands of preteens are depressed for weeks because their moms couldn't click fast enough? I NOW KNOW THEIR PAIN. I thought the world was pretty much over.

BUT I went to work and tried to cheer up and sell Valentines to slackers who haven't gotten their gifts yet, and thought I'd try the website again, just in case. (I'd read on Twitter on the way to work that a lot of people had issues.) And there were tickets. So I got two!

Everything improved from that moment on. So other good things are:
  • Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Yay chocolate! (If you need help with writing your Valentines, I've got some tips here!)
  • I randomly saw an old friend from Germany - we both live here now, but I hadn't seen him since middle school (maybe high school? It's hard to remember)
  • A week from today I will be with my BFF! 
  • And again.... Veronica Mars tickets. (We're even driving 2 hours to the nearest theater that's showing it.)
Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day, Marshmallows! 

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