Valentines and Love Letters

Lovely readers,

Since Valentine's Day is coming up (just 3 days away, people!) I thought everyone probably needed some tips on writing their Valentines and love letters! Now, I've never sent or received a traditional love letter, but I've gotten and sent plenty of letters with lots of love in them! 

For your Valentines:
It's my opinion that you can (and should!) give Valentines to anyone. It's not just a romantic holiday! 
You should be showing love to everyone you love! This year I sent Valentines to friends, family, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, and even some of my blogging BFFs! I didn't craft Valentines; I bought them from Hallmark. Some of them had the PERFECT message, but that doesn't mean you should just sign your name and send as is! 
Compliment them. Tell grandma why that card reminded you of her, tell your best friend why you miss her, tell your little why you love her!
Be true to your relationship! Don't be too serious if you don't want to be! Put a funny inside joke in there. If you do want to be serious, do!
Use their name. Remember learning about how people like to be called by name? Write that in there!
Making it personal is the most important part! Then the people you're sending cards to will know that you really care!
If you can't think of anything to say, try a quote! Pinterest is full of inspirational quotes, funny quotes, quotes about love and relationships. Try writing one of those in your card!

For your love letters:
Even if you've never written one of these before, it's never to early to start. A sweet text is nice, but a letter can be saved forever (yeah, I've heard of the cloud, but I'm pretty sure that's not the same) and read over and over again!
Start strong. "Dear Cat" will work, but how about "My dearest Cat" or "Love of my life"? Do you have a special nickname for your boo to use? Use it!
Tell him what you love/appreciate about him. Does he always do something for you even though it's not his favorite thing? Is he hilarious and can always improve your mood? Do you tell him these things out loud? Sometimes it's easier to write things down, so do it!
Tell her what you're looking forward to. It could be as simple as "I can't wait for our romantic dinner this weekend" or it could be as big as "I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you!" You're writing this letter now but you're thinking of your future with her.
And finish strong, too! "Love always," "All my love," or anything like that!

A man came up to my register and had about 5 Valentines. I asked if he needed anything more to go with them and he said, "Nope, I've got big plans for my cards!" He went on to tell me that he was going to give her one in the morning with flowers, one in her car for her way to work, one at work with more flowers, one at a romantic dinner.... Such a sweet thought to put cards in places she would find them and also to use multiple cards! (Some more ideas for you there :))

Don't forget: It's not what you write that matters, it's the thought that counts! The fact that you want to send a Valentine or write a love letter in the first place is a great step!


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