On Thursdays we talk about good things!

Happy Thursday! I have had a great Thursday so far! I'm currently snuggled up with a snoring puppy in the bed with me, listening to my Creative Collective playlist, and after this I will probably have some lunch!

On Thursdays, we talk about the good things that have happened this week! They can be simple or elaborate, paragraphed or bulleted, whatever you want!

You already know one of my (perpetual) good things: snuggling with my pup! Here are some more:
  • Last night at church we had a favor-making party for the tea! It was so much fun! We made little post-it holders to stick in your purse and they look great! Everyone's are different to go with their theme.
  • I SURVIVED MY DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT! It took forever and I thought I was probably going to waste away there, but I didn't! I had to go back the next morning to do the blood work, but after that I got to treat myself (okay, my mother treated) to donuts and brown sugar cinnamon coffee from Dunkin! 
  • I'm doing great with Letter Month! The goal is to send one letter/card/postcard each day in February, so I should have sent 5 so far (Sundays don't count, as there is no mail) and as of this morning, I have sent 19! (Most of them Valentines; I've mailed all my Valentines now!)
  • I had fun at the Super Bowl party I went to!
  • Breakfast for dinner! YUM
What are your good things? I wanna know, I wanna know! 

Have a sparkly weekend! 

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  1. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite!!!! Hooray for all good things!