Weekly Wishes #22

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I did, but more importantly, I ate Super Bowl food. Guacamole and wings and nachos and beer..... Could life be better? Sheesh.

For the first Monday of the month, Melyssa does goals for the month rather than goals for the week, so I think I can handle that!

First we can talk about last week and my tea goals - I did not scour Pinterest quite yet, but I have chosen a theme for my table! I just need to work on my centerpiece and favors now. My mother says I can use her wedding china for my table settings! The "Art" sub-theme is going to be Botticelli! He painted my favorite painting and I've written papers about him and his artwork... So it's a no-brainer, really. I'm going to play off of the Birth of Venus painting (my favorite) and do seashells and flowers and such! Not locked down on a centerpiece but it'll get there!

So, goals for the month!

Get all the tea stuff bought/found/put together and set up for the tea. The tea is March 1! So I will be working on my table all this month and setting up at the end of February.
Get all my medical tasks completed. I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow, which I'm dreading.. But it has to be done! Then I need to do dentist and eye doctor. Picking out a new pair of glasses should be fun!! I want to finish all preliminary appointments this month, just in case I need any follow-up work, like cavities filled, etc.
Write and mail a letter every day! I am doing this Letter Month challenge where I have committed to writing and mailing a letter every day during the month of February. So far I'm 2 for 2 (Sundays don't count)! It's fun because you get to track the number of things you mail and you get badges and stuff. I'm liking it!
Do some more exercising! I go to yoga once a week but I want to do more than that! So I'm going to try to add a day or two of Just Dance :)

Happy Monday, and have an awesome week! Don't forget to link up with Melyssa!

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  1. Can I just say those Avocados look delightful!! Also, good luck with all your goals for the month! I've been putting off the dentist and eye doctor awhile myself but picking out new glasses is always fun. The Letter Month challenge also seems really interesting! I might have to try it! :) Good luck with everything! :D

  2. All kinds of fun plans in the working for your table; loving it (especially since its art related). As for the SuperBowl pig out..I was doing that and not even realizing the game was even on. Lordy! Lol Good luck this month with your goals, darling! I'm sure you will succeed in them.

  3. I saw your picture on Instagram on Sunday and I just wanted to cry because I went to THREE grocery stores that were out of avocados that weekend and I just didn't have the patience to go to a fourth one. So sad. Also, I'm so excited to see how your tea comes together!! It's bound to be the best tea ever! :D also, swing by California before leaving please. That is all.

  4. Eating is my favorite part of the superbowl! I'm not going to lie, I saw that your weekly wishes picture were avocados and I clicked on your link. Your tea party sounds lovely, however going to the dr and all that stuff does not, but it's necessary. Bring a book or something nice to make it more pleasant. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. A letter every day sounds intense, but awesome. Good luck!

  6. Thank you! The avocados WERE yummy! You should try the Letter Month challenge! It's fun! And you could start it even though we're a couple days in! It would be easy to catch up :)

  7. Yes, I will for sure be posting about my finished art table so you can see it! Thanks so much girl!

  8. Oh my gosh, noooooo! If I thought guac would mail well then I would send you some. But I kind of doubt it.. I will definitely be keeping you updated on the tea!
    And I don't think California is on my way, buuuuut.. One day I'll make it there for you!

  9. Eating might be my favorite part too! Especially when it's two teams I don't care about. And I click on pictures I like, too! Haha avocados are clickable for sure.
    Thanks for the advice! I brought Valentines to the doctor to write people and that helped! :) Hope you have a great week too!