Art + Tea Party.... Best Day Ever?

"Country Roses" table

So you are probably sick of hearing my Weekly Wishes about this tea party thing I'm doing, right? Well, guess what! This is the last time! Because the tea has happened and I have the pictures to prove it.
My sister and I drinking tea!

It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

My church does this Ladies Tea every year, but since I've been at school I have only been once before. But this time I could go, AND I was asked to be a hostess!

What's a hostess, you ask?

My Botticelli-inspired table
There are a number of tables at the Tea, and each hostess will be in charge of her own table. This means decorations, favors, place settings, and then during the tea making sure everyone is happy and full and has everything they might desire!

My door prize and table
Since the theme of the Tea was "Art" and I was an art major..... It makes total sense that I couldn't come up with an idea for my table theme, right? Yes, it does! Too many ideas equal having a hard time picking one! But you may know that I have a tattoo of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, so I decided to go with Botticelli as a theme. My main focus for decorations was a fabric centerpiece that I painted on and lots of shells to go with the Venus part of the theme. My mother let me use her wedding china for my place settings, and my guests got magnets of Botticelli paintings!

I don't even like tea but I did like whatever kind I ended up choosing. The food was so yummy and our server was the greatest so we were never without whatever we asked for (for example: Ummmm, we need some more chocolate things please, and moments later, he would bring us a tray of delicious chocolatey things!) The men of the church were our servers, which was so fun!

Looking fancy!
Our table ended up winning a lot of the door prizes and raffle prizes, so it was basically the greatest table of all. My sister won a pearl necklace and earrings, my mother won some cookies and cups, and I won a set of lavender tea and sugar! I can't wait to try it.

Oh, and I almost forgot the greatest part: dressing up! Lots of people went all out with hats and fancy dresses/outfits.. It was so fun to get fancy!

If you're ever in Virginia in the spring and want to go to this lovely event, just let me know and I'll hook you up :)

Enjoy pictures of some of the tables! Can you guess the theme before you read the captions?

A Parisian cafe - she brought in a painting and everything!
Monet-inspired table

Culinary arts/photography table
Pop art table, complete with "LEGIT" artwork (which I had to explain to an old lady)

Anyone craving tea and cookies yet?!

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