How to Attend A Murder Mystery Party

This weekend I went to a Murder Mystery party, and it was one of the most fun events ever! Now, I can't tell you how to throw one of these parties because I wasn't the hostess, but I would highly recommend planning one of these for your friends! And if you're ever invited to one, I've got some tips on how to make it even more fun!

A friend of mine from church decided to host this event, so she used Night of Mystery for all the info she needed! We all got character descriptions ahead of time: one page describing our character and a newsletter with short bios of the other characters, too. Then when we arrived there was more! We got envelopes to open at certain times during the party with more information to help us. Pretty sure the Night of Mystery site provided everything she needed to throw this party!

My whole family, all dressed up!

The theme was Homecoming, so we all got to wear fancy clothes and go back to high school! Which brings me to my first tip: Dress for the occasion! I dug out old prom dresses for my sister and I to wear. My mother didn't have a prom dress, so we went to Goodwill and found her something fun! One of the guests called the hostess to ask what the "school colors" were so she could match her outfit to them! If you look fancy, you feel fancy! And if you wear something that you wouldn't normally wear, it can help your character come alive!

Play along and try to act like your character! My dad kept saying that drama was not his strong point, but luckily it doesn't need to be! The character descriptions and envelopes give you enough to go on so that you know how to act like your character without having anything to memorize and without telling you exactly what to say. There was a guest that I didn't know ahead of time who immediately glared at me when I walked in because she knew our characters didn't like each other.

Be a good sport! Even if characters don't get along, that doesn't mean it affects your real life! It was so fun with everyone being someone else for the night, but it was even more fun knowing most of the guests and knowing that they weren't really those people! So don't take anything personally if your little sister turns out to be the murderer or something.... That brat.

Take lots of pictures and just have fun! I didn't take that many pictures (besides a ton of my BFF and me) but the hostess did and I can't wait to see them! So if it looks like fun just from the few I've got to show, imagine the rest of the night! I won Homecoming Queen (well, Dolly Dancer did, captain of the Pom squad, aka my character for the night) and I wore that crown all night! There were also prizes for Best Dressed, Best Sleuth, Most Spirited... Who wouldn't want to win a cute little trophy?

If you want to attend one of these, I'd suggest hosting one! The host doesn't have to know anything more about the plot than the guests do, and it was really so much fun. They have different themes and supplies for different numbers of people, so you can have all of your friends in on the action!

Happy sleuthing! 

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  1. This looks so fun! I have always wanted to attend a murder mystery party!!