5 Things I Love Right Now

I haven't been posting too often here; really I'm lucky if I make it to Weekly Wishes on time (and for the past two weeks, I haven't!) so I thought I'd actually sit down and write about something. As I am a Cat on the wall, I don't have much of a direction for my posts so I decided to tell you about 5 things I am loving right now. Now, some of these things aren't just a "right now" love, but so what?!

1. Sweatpants
If you don't like sweatpants, I don't like you. Just kidding! But seriously, they are so comfortable that I don't know WHY anyone wouldn't like them. I mean, it doesn't even make sense. I like mine to be really big so I can basically swim in them. Now, I try very hard to never wear sweatpants out of the house, but when I'm in my house... Let's just say it's sweatpants, shorts, or nothing. The ones I'm currently rocking all the time are the ones my sister sent me for my birthday, shown above.

2. Pretty wine glasses!
I love my wine, and while boxed wine could make this into a list of 6, I decided to make it seem like I didn't drink constantly (I don't!) and just do one alcohol-related love. A few years ago, my friend Katherine got me a wine glass decorated for the birthday girl, which you may have seen on another post of mine. I didn't use it for a long time, thinking I could only drink out of it on my birthday, and always forgetting to do so.. But then this year I brought it out of hiding! Then on my birthday I found a Lolita on sale for $2.60 (they are normally $26!!), so I HAD to buy it! It's got all these dresses on it and says "Always a Bridesmaid." Cute and accurate! Haha. We sell them where I work but I hadn't bought any until recently.. Now I want to grow my collection.

3. The Mindy Project
I was really obsessed with New Girl when it first came on (I mean, I still am. Love me some New Girl). When Mindy started a year later, I had to see what that was about, too. My friend and I now compare ourselves to the leads of the two shows (she's Mindy, I'm Jess) because we are so similar to them it's scary. Both shows had their season premieres this week, but my mother was not caught up on them, so we binge-watched The Mindy Project season 1, which was a GREAT time. You guys, I haven't told you this yet, but.. I'm in love. And it's with Danny Castellano (on right). I'm also in love with the fact that I need them to get together soon. Just a kiss, that's all I'm asking for. Forget Pastor Casey, adorable as he is.

4. Take It Easy
This was a free app from Starbucks earlier this month, so you can probably still get it! (Actually the SB app still has the code up if you've got that.) It is so much fun. You have to line up matching panels, and it's really addicting. It's great because games can be quick or you can take a while to think about your moves. I really like the puzzle mode because you have to get things in a certain order and it really makes you think!

5. Lilo
Duh, I always love my little puppy! What an angel she is. Today a man insisted to me that she had some pit in her. I mean, okay, sir. I have no idea, but I believe you! I don't care what dogs she's mixed with, because I know she's made up of perfect and wonderful, so... There's that!

So there you have it! My list. What are you loving right now? What are you obsessed with? Please tell me so I can find more things to love. And if you're reading this, you're probably on my list too! 

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  1. Ahhh I love sweatpants! I just bought the most comfortable amazing pair here in the Outer Banks. First thing I do when I get home is throw on my sweatpants!