Weekly Wishes #6

This Weekly Wishes post will be a place for me to share my goals for the week. Hopefully blogging about them will help them to actually happen!

The photo theme for this week is "Innocence," and while this isn't exactly my innocent childhood bedroom, it's my current one and still looks a lot like it! 

Last week, I wanted to: Call a friend. I called a sorority sister that I've been close to since my freshman year and who I miss a lot! She always knows what to say and we got to talk for a half hour this week. It was so great, and even though we haven't seen each other since May, we both randomly had been thinking about the same stuff lately and the conversation was great. It was as if we had had coffee that morning and were just continuing the talk. Our Delta Pi spirit was strong! I highly recommend adding this to your Weekly Wishes. It made both of our days. 
Update my calendar. I haven't gotten to this yet! But I will probably do that after I finish this post. 
Go 5 miles. Guess what? NAILED IT. I actually almost doubled it because my mom and I went to my sister's school for Family Weekend and walked ALL DAY. And MapMyRun is really nice about sending emails that "may cause spontaneous fist pumps." So inspirational!

This week I want to: 
Read more of The Light Between Oceans for the Busy Bloggers Book Club. I haven't gotten very far yet! The "busy" in the book club title is really accurate.
Clean something. I haven't figured out what yet, but.. I'm sure I will.
Go to Maggie's. I really want to visit this store I haven't gotten to but keep hearing about. I think they probably have something I want, haha.
Have fun on Saturday! I think we all know that I don't have many friends that I hang out with at the moment (what? you didn't notice that whenever I do something, it's with my mom or dad?) BUT someone from work and I are going to the Chickahominy Pow Wow this weekend! She says it will be really fun, so I hope so! It will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Hehe.

Wish me luck on my goals this week, and I hope you accomplish yours too! Don't forget to link up to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective to share with everyone else!

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  1. Those goals sound lovely! I hope you share how the book is! I want to try to get some more autumn reading on and I am on the hunt!

  2. I used to be pretty terrible about getting out and doing things with folks on my days off; I was soooo lucky to meet some lovely ladies at work! I hope your outing ends up being the start to a new friendship or two!

  3. Good luck with your wishes this week!
    It's always so nice to pick up the phone, once in a while and talk to a friend. In fact I haven't done that in a while, and I really should.
    If there is one store that I need to visit again, it's Costco. They seem to be popping up alot in the UK.
    I need my fix haha!