Snail Mail Under the Sea!

The main motivator for me to start actually writing my blog was hearing about this Snail Mail Collective with Melyssa. I wanted to write, but the question on the form to sign up that said, do you have a blog? made me think, oh no, what if my partner has this great blog and I've got nothing?! So I started writing.

And then I met Stephanie from Meet With A Smile! Well, okay. Met is a strong word, since really we just emailed and commented. But we were a perfect pair! We aren't in the same stage of life at all, but we ended up having a lot in common and I looked forward to getting emails from her. I'm currently in constant wait for an important email from a job, and I don't know when it will come. So I obsess over my inbox, and whenever my phone makes the email noise, I jump at it, hoping for some news. But during August, I found myself waiting to hear from Stephanie instead!

We are both blogging beginners and I think we've been learning from each other! Visit her at her blog! She sent me the cutest package and I was so excited to get it! It was like my first birthday present (more on that later)! And everything was even more perfect than I thought it would be.

She somehow managed to have verses from my favorite chapter without even knowing what it was.
She sent some candy, a mud mask that I can't wait to use, a beach ball, a picture her baby colored on her phone (so cute!), a sweet letter, cards with scripture for encouragement (which would have been great anyway, but then she put pictures of manatees on them and they became amazing!), and the cutest stationery I've probably ever seen - and I work in a card store!
It has gold shiny seahorses and the cards are my favorite color - SO PERFECT. 

I can't wait to sign up for September's Snail Mail Collective. In fact, I think I'll go do that right now!


  1. such a cute gift! she did a great job! thanks so much for joining us and i hope you'll do it again this month!

  2. I loved partnering with you Cat! I'm behind on posting, but I'll get to that soon! :) Glad you liked everything!