Weekly Wishes #7

This Weekly Wishes post will be a place for me to share my goals for the week. Hopefully blogging about them will help them to actually happen!

This week the photo theme is "Happiness" and I am obviously most happy when I'm with my sweet little Lilo, so here we are looking excited!
Last week, I wanted to: Read more of The Light Between Oceans for the Busy Bloggers Book Club. I spent two hours at Starbucks just reading, and then I've been reading before bed, too! I'm loving this book.
Clean something. I just really don't do well with the household wishes........ Oops.
Go to Maggie's. I went to this store! It was cute.
Have fun on Saturday! I did have fun at the Pow Wow! Mostly because the person I went with was fun. We're going to do more stuff together, so yay!
This week I want to: 
Craft (and blog about it). I wanted to make my sister a t-shirt for her birthday but then I lost the t-shirt, so.. That didn't happen. But I'm still going to do it! Presents can come at any time, duh!
Find a good journal and get ready for Everyday Happy! So excited for the e-course!! It starts tomorrow, yay!! I know I've got some neglected notebooks somewhere in my room.... If you hurry and read this and it's still Monday, then you can still sign up! 

It's going to be a crazy week at work (I just tried about 5 different times to get those week and work words in the right spot.. Is it naptime yet?) so I'm only going to have those two goals. But I also want to get some reading done so I can pick out some new books soon for Megan's Semi-Charmed Autumn Book Challenge! Yay reading!

Wish me luck on my goals this week, and I hope you accomplish yours too! Don't forget to link up to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective to share with everyone else!

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  1. Love your picture for this weeks post! Great goals! I've got a reading goal this week too :-) good luck!!

    - Clare

  2. Omg I am really happy I made the decision to try Weekly wishes now! I wouldn't have met you otherwise :P Our Kappa Pi initiation is this Thursday...I need to get together a unicorn costume LOL (more on that later Im sure..) In any case, I wish you well in your weekly goals! I cant wait to see how that tshirt comes out. I have to help my room mate create a hippie outfit..that should be fun :P

  3. Looks like you had fun with last week's goals! I see that you joined Allie and Codi's book club - that must be something to look forward to!
    Good luck with this week's goals and have fun with the e-course. :)

  4. I am in love with this picture! haha so cute! I wish you lived closer! I miss my first SMC buddy!!!! Good Luck on your goals. (And I'm about to post my Sunshine Award post. yay) Not sure how or why the Sunshine Awards started but I liiiiiike it.

  5. Thanks, and good luck with your reading too!

  6. Wow ours was not as fun as that! We just dressed up. Of course, I did actually just start our chapter last year so we really didn't know what we were doing.

  7. Yes, I'm loving the book! Are you reading it too? I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.

  8. I miss you too, wahh!! I kept clicking backwards and backwards in people's Sunshine posts but I couldn't find a start and then I got tired, haha.. So I just accepted it and moved on. I thought it was so fun, and can't wait to read yours!

  9. I lucked out and found some brand new journals I bought ages ago and forgot about that I could use for Everyday Happy! Picked one with a green cover, as I read somewhere that green is the most soothing to the eye. Somehow that seemed fitting, haha.

  10. I did the same! There were two I found that I loved but had never used.. I couldn't decide (they each had a quote on the front) but I went with a red one that says "She makes the day brighter. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." I thought it was fitting, just like yours! I think green is soothing. Such a pretty color! :)

  11. I'm reading the Light Between Oceans, but I haven't got very far with it yet. I'm looking forward to hearing about your craft project.

  12. It gets better and better the more you read! I'm in the home stretch with just under 60 pages left. Usually when that happens I stay up too late finishing, so I hope I can cut myself off tonight so I get some sleep! I should post about my crafting tomorrow or the next day, so be on the lookout! :)