Good Things!

Welcome back to #GoodThings! Okay, maybe I should be welcoming myself back. Whatever, welcome to us all! 

This one is going to be short because my best Good Thing is on her way! I have not seen my Grandlittle since May (I think May). When I have visited school, she has not been there because she has been in SPAIN! 

I'm sure she learned a lot while she studied abroad (I know she did; I obsessively read her travel blog) but I am glad she's back because I missed her! 

We get to spend tonight and tomorrow together before she goes back to school, so we are going to have tons of fun! 

I hope you all have some Good Things to share and that your weekend is full of them!!


  1. just to let you know, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Keep up the great work! find the link here:



  2. Hey there!! I nominated your for a Liebster award :) congrats!