Good Things!

Happy Thursday! It's time for Good Things! I've had a pretty productive day today! I only slept til 9:30, which is pretty early for me on a day off, and while all I did before noon was eat breakfast and vote for Veronica Mars on MTV's Movie Brawl, during the afternoon I got a lot done!

Here are my good things for the day:

  • Shockingly enough, Veronica Mars BEAT Mockingjay Part 1 in the MTV Movie Brawl (this is for the most anticipated movies of 2014 and you could vote as much as you wanted to.... I love both VM and HG but Marshmallows rock today!)
  • I took down the tree and put all the Christmas stuff in boxes and got it into the attic! 
  • I get a free drink at Starbucks today, yay! 
  • Jess and I have learned how to make use of Instagram's direct message feature :) AND she is newly engaged and I am so excited for her!
  • My mother and I are going to DC one day next week for fun and a Peace Corps event! 
What are your good things? Have you had a good week so far? What's the weekend look like for ya?! 

1 comment:

  1. Hoooooraaayyyyyy for Instagram direct messaging!! Haha! Also, I LOVE everything in this list minus the taking down the tree part. I'm making it stay till Andy gets sick of it! Ha!