Good Things and Letter Month!

Happy Thursday! I mean, it's pretty late on Thursday, but.. Not for the west coast, right?! Anyway. If you don't know, Good Things is where I talk about the Good Things that happened today or this week or this minute, or whenever! 

Yesterday was disappointing because my mother and I had a fun day planned in DC and then IT SNOWED. Yeah, pretty, but then we couldn't go. We missed our shopping and our museum-ing and our Peace Corps event. BUT the good things were:
  • My mother and I slept in and ate and then we played Memory.
  • My parents felt bad about my missing my Peace Corps thing so my mother and I went to the movies. We got a free popcorn! Which we obviously upgraded to a huge bucket. We saw Ride Along, which was pretty funny!
  • My Shutterfly book came! I think it will be good to take with me on my trip. 
  • We stayed up late watching the first episodes of Melissa & Joey. 
  • Today, Veronica Mars won the MTV Movie Brawl for Most Anticipated Movie of 2014! YAY Marshmallows! Can't wait for the moviiiiiiiiiiie! It is truly my most anticipated movie of 2014, even with the whole only considering movies that come out before June thing.
I also found out about this letter-writing challenge, and as we all know, I am a little obsessed with that kind of thing. The challenge is that you are supposed to write and send a letter (or a postcard, or some such thing) each day in February. So it's not even really 28 things, because of Sundays and whatnot. So I think I can do it! I'll be tweeting about it with #LetterMo and hopefully blogging about it too, so you can keep me in line! ;)

And another good thing! If you love Peeta, AKA Josh Hutcherson, and you have HBO On Demand, you should totally check out Little Manhattan, which shows him at his most adorable: 11 years old, falling in love for the first time. He is SO PRECIOUS I can't even stand it. Here, look!
Image via
If you love him like I do, I strongly suggest watching this movie. Not the greatest movie of all time, but it's short and sweet and he's adorable in it! So you should watch.

Have a great weekend!

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