Weekly Wishes #19

This is my Grandlittle making friends with Lilo, who absolutely LOVED her. She has good taste!

This week is going to be an interesting one, I think! My work schedule is a little different so I think I'm going to have some more time during the day to do stuff! Last week I started going to yoga so tomorrow is class #2, which will be fun! And I've been asked to chaperon (did you know chaperon is spelled like that? I always thought it had an "e" on the end! Whaaaat) the youth group lock-in, so that should be really fun!

Last week I wanted to Start my journal. I did not do this yet, mostly because I don't get a lot of alone time and I definitely think journaling is something to do by myself.. So hopefully I can put this on this week's list! I have some short shifts this week AND a Starbucks gift card, so maybe I can go to SB and work on this!
Make a list of appointments to make. I have sort of done this, but now I actually need to make them.
Print out medical forms. I emailed my dad all ELEVEN forms I need filled out by various medical professionals, so he is going to print them tomorrow! Now to get them filled out......
Figure out something to do with my Grandlittle. We just decided to wing it! So we went antiquing, did a little shopping, went to Dairy Queen (which she hadn't been to since like April!) and saw Frozen. Such a cute movie! Plus we stayed up half the night talking, so you don't need to plan something like that :)

This week I want to: Start my journal. Moved that goal right on over to this week!
Make at least one of my dreaded appointments. I hate going to the doctor/dentist SO MUCH.
Spend some time reading. I got books for Christmas that I haven't started because I am already reading other books.. So maybe I can finish one this week! That would be good!
Respond to a few letters. I always want to get them and then I take forever to write back when I do! Gotta get to work on this!

The Nectar Collective


  1. I would love love love to read more. & I feel like my blog is my journal... that I just happen to share with the world. But I totally understand what you mean :)

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Writing in your journal is such a private (but positive) thing so I totally understand you wanting to go to a SB and get some stuff done. I also have a list of books to read but haven't done so because of time constraints. I may just go on a reading binge one of these cold weekend to finish the books that I still need to finish this month. I also hate making appointments and going to see the doctor/dentist. Such a nerve wrecking day. I am sending good vibes and good luck for this week.

  3. Oh hello. You're wonderful! Have a great week :)

  4. I have been planning to start journaling too but haven't because I don't really fit enough time for it into my day. I really need to make a point to do so. I hope you get some journaling in. Good luck with the rest of your goals too!

  5. You are right about the blog being your journal! I feel like that too! Except that there are some things I think I don't need the WHOLE world to know. :) You should go to the library and find a book that looks good! Just read before bed or something! I do that, sometimes for as little as 10 minutes before I get too tired.

  6. Thanks for your good vibes! I fully support your reading binge idea - you should do it! What kinds of books are on your list? :)

  7. Oh hello, YOU'RE wonderful! Thanks girl :)

  8. I hear that some people like to do it in the morning, so maybe that would help you! I don't really get along with mornings, so I don't think that's the strategy I'll be using, hehe. Thanks!!

  9. It won't be too hard to read 4 books this week and then go and purchase a few books on my reading list. I have everything from creative reads to nonfiction to YA series/trilogies (mainly the Divergent series).

    Here's my list of books that I've already read, currently reading and will read once I finish my current reads. http://sincerely-myngan.com/book-reading-challenge-28booksby28bday/