Weekly Wishes #11

This Weekly Wishes post will be a place for me to share my goals for the week. Hopefully blogging about them will help them to actually happen!

The photo theme for this week is "Selfie" - can you tell?! This is me, looking happy, because I'm happy!

Congrats to Little Miss Designer for being featured in the participant photos for last week's "Creativity" - She rocks and is in the same art fraternity I am in so this is exciting! The creativity theme is the perfect one for her to be featured with :)

It has been a HUGE week for me. I was so happy to spend time down in Southwest VA with my friends. It was like God's plan or something because this week I found out where I'll be moving to next year for my Peace Corps service. If I had found out alone or with my mom, that would have been cool. But there's nothing like running outside to your best friend as she comes back from class to scream and jump up and down. I can't believe how good things are at the moment, and I'm pretty thankful. 

Last week I wanted to: Help my friend with her art show. This didn't go exactly as planned, but we did try our hardest. She is printmaking and I don't know if you know anything about that, but things were going wrong that we couldn't exactly control. We did get some done, though! Hopefully she can talk to the professor and get all her issues straightened out. 
Take a risk. This was that vague one, and while it didn't go like I thought, I did make an effort. Guess some things just aren't meant to be!
Continue having fun with my friends! Oh, yes, I think I completely did this. I got to have dinner with my big, and have LOTS of best friend time doing art and watching movies and talking about everything (it's way easier than texting every day - move closer to friends is my future life goal!). We even had our palms read, which was SO COOL. I fully think the palm reader knew our lives and I'm pretty sure we may have even met in a past life. Just saying. 

This week I want to: Do my aspiration statement. Now that I've got my Peace Corps assignment, I have some assignments. The most pressing is the aspiration statement, as it is due within 10 days of accepting the invitation. 
Work on some more Everyday Happy. What, you mean you've seen this goal here before? Shocking! 
Get a gift for my godson. This Sunday is my godson's baptism. I'm so excited because A. I've never been a godmother before and B. He is so so so precious. So I need to get him a present because I'm pretty sure that's appropriate.. Although to be honest I don't know for sure. 
Make my Christmas card list! I know, I know.. It's still October. But I work at a card store, guys! There is pretty much no excuse for me not to send Christmas cards now. I just bought them yesterday and we were having a Buy One Get One Free event so I may now have over 100 cards......... Judgment is not welcome here on the wall! Haha so I've got enough for next year too, obviously. Now I just need to figure out who I need addresses from and such. 

Wish me luck on my goals this week, and I hope you accomplish yours too! Don't forget to link up to Melyssa at The Nectar Collective to share with everyone else!

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  1. Hi Cat! I love your selfie, such a pretty picture :)

    The Peace Corps news sound exciting, but assignments can be such a hassle, for sure. especially if they're due soon. And oh, that Everyday Happy goal is on my back burner every week for sure - this time I didn't feel like including it on my online list. Good luck with the rest of your wishes as well :)

  2. I'm SO behind on my everyday happy! I should have added that to my list too. good luck with your goals this week :)

  3. Thanks, Pinja! I think if EH comes up again next week I will leave it off my list, too. It's like a broken record, sheesh! If we are all behind then really none of us are behind ;) that's my new philosophy!

  4. Thank you! Don't worry, it's like we're all behind together :)

  5. Good job accomplishing your goals! Spending time with friends that you haven't seen in awhile and sharing your good news is always something to smile about. Pretty selfie by the way! I love those little earrings :) As for the Vera Bradley prices that I featured on my blog post, I went to the VB site and clicked "Sale" from there I clicked on the left side menu to which category i wanted (ex: wallets, crossbody, tech, etc) From THERE they feature the prints that are going out of season and that are at super low prices right now! So yea, not ALL prints are on sale but a lot of the ones from summer and last fall are :) I hope that helps!